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The forming the productivity of stevia and her complex processing


It is presentedby Institute of biopower cultures and sugar beet of НААН

After Kyznetchova Inga Vadimirovna.

The science of study is sanctified to the decision of problem increase of the productivity of stevia in soil-climatic terms of forest-steppe of Ukraine and to creation of methodology of her quality. Worked out and improved elements of technology of till of stevia: density of landing of plants on a chart 45×16 cm on a background bringing of organic fertilizer in the norm of N60P 61, 2 K 62,4 kg/of ha, that assists the increase of her productivity twice. The long-term are first studied till of stevia in soil climatic terms of Ukraine it is set that the best biometric indexes of plant are had on 4-5 of till.The degree of plasticity shows ecological adaptation the stevia sort of Bereginya at the plants, which is more sensible to the terms under the areas of the not sufficient moistening (0,397) and less in terms under the areas of the sufficient moistening (0,217) at of seating 100 thousands of sht./ga. A capacity of plants stevia for ecological plasticity in the agroclimatic areas of Ukraine is not stable, and depending on the elements of technology of growing can change.

The technological mode of drying of above-ground part stevia is reasonable in convected  drying in two stages at temperatures 100 and 60 °With, rates of movement of air 2,0-2,5 m/s during 78 min. It allows to shorten time of drying  of above-ground part in 2,6 time and to get leaves dried the assured quality. An author is study the features of their storage in the apartment equipped by the system of well-regulated aeration depending on the weather terms of environment.

Management methodology is created by quality stevia and methodologies of determination of crumble, flavonoids and basic indexes of porosity of leaves dried are worked out. Taking into account productive terms improved and technology of production of concentrate is exhaust pilot-scale from the leaves of stevia dried with the use of an environmentally clean extractant. Quality of the got concentrate and his use are appraised in the production of semi high-calorie mayonnaise "Stevia" and vodka "Steviyka".

The results of researches became basis of feasibility study of the complex processing of stevia and apparatus-technological chart of past cleaning up treatment and production of concentrate from leaves dried. The Technical requirements and Technological instruction are worked out in quality of leaves dried, and also Technological instructions on the production of concentrate and vodka with stevia, Technical description and Compounding on semi high-calorie mayonnaise with stevia. The results of scientific researches are tested in productive terms (ТОО "Neoksvet" (Ternopol area), State enterprise the "Experience economy of "Skvurcke""  (Kyiv area) and ТОО "Lutsk спиртзавод" (Volyna area)), cleaned out by 13 patents of Ukraine, from that three on an invention. An author is clean out dissertation work (14.12.2016) on the competition of the scientific stage of doctor of agricultural sciences on specialties 06.01.09 – plant science and 06.01.15 – first treatment of products pant growing on the tem "Methodology and technology forming the productivity ofstevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertonі) as rawmaterial for thecomplex processing".

Publications. The 79 advanced studies, from that monograph, 29 reasons, three articles in the scientific specialized editions of Ukraine, data plugged in international science of metric bases, 4 articles, are in scientific editions of other states, three patents on an invention, 9 patents on an useful model, 29 tez of scientific lectures, methodical recommendations. A common amount of references to the publication of author is 17 (in obedience to the base of Google Sсholar), h- index =2.