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The formation of resource saving approaches functioning of construction machinery with increased reliability indices

Work number - M 106 FILED

Mischuk D.A., Pristaylo N. A.


The purpose of the series of works is to improve earthmoving and lifting and transportation of construction machinery by reducing the energy capacity of the working process of destruction of the soil by digging in the use of working body with elastic- strain actuator parameters are reasonable to rational parameters and synthesis of optimal control of lifting and transport machinery by minimizing energy losses and dynamic loads in her cell, thereby increasing the reliability of such systems and reduce the cost of construction.

Considered in the position to the formation of resource management approaches functioning building machines with increased reliability indices are to create a construction machine control for optimum driving modes with playing her work with the appropriate minimum energy expenditure, which reduces the dynamic loads on the machine and eliminates vibrations metal, as well as the use of superposition principle to influence the runtime environment of several factors simultaneously as a static load and impact, due to the possibility of energy storage elements elastically with subsequent use of the power to create high-speed pulse on your body to ensure the establishment of additional factors that will reduce the energy intensity of the workflow.

The work revealsnew approaches construction machines from which a new operational structure and management system that improves the efficiency of the machine by 30%.

Relatedresearch team of authors published 71 scientific works including 1 monograph, 28 articles in scientific journals (including second foreign editions), obtained 20 patents of Ukraine for invention and utility model and 19 abstracts.