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Formation of organizational-economic provision for public-private partnership development

Work number - M 60 FILED

Author: PhD (Economics) Maisuradze M.Yu.


Submitted by Institute of Economy of Industry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


The aim of the research is enhancement of theoretical grounds and elaboration of scientific and methodical, and practical recommendations on formation of organizational and economic provision for public-private partnership development.

Scientific and methodical aspects for organizational and economic support of public-private partnership implementation on generalized international experience and national legislative framework basis are developed. The author’s definition of public-private partnership and expanded classification of public-private partnership forms are proposed. Recommendations to improve current legislative framework in the sphere of public-private partnership are elaborated, taking into account requirements of the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine. Scientific and methodical approach to employees’ interests realization during public-private partnership programs implementation is proposed.

Conditions for implementation of public-private partnership practice at companies of the public sector of economy considering industry specifics are determined. Conceptual grounds for public-private partnership development in the fuel and energy sector, particularly in the coal industry using concession mechanisms, are generated.

Economic effect from implementation will be in resolving of the public sector companies’ development problems, and in increasing directly of the public sector’s functioning efficiency.

Quantity of publications:50, including 1monograph, 9 articles (1 – in a foreign journal), 11 abstracts on the subject. According to Google Scholar data base total number of references to the author’s publications – 3, h-index (on the research) =1.