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Forecasting and management of the groundwater level of Ukraine large cities


Submitted byA.M. Pidhorny Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems NAS of Ukraine

 Author:Elena Serikova

The objective is to improve the environmental safety of urban areas experienced flooding by groundwater due to scientific substantiation of methods and measures for forecasting and managing flooding.

Author has developed the mathematical model of groundwater level changing for the limited urban areas that consider artificial coverings on the ground surface. The maximum groundwater level rising in conditions of natural and technogenic large cities ecosystems by the example of Kharkov city has been predicted. The functions scheme of management systems and the tasks of preventing and eliminating the flooding consequences have been upgrading.

The complex of measures to reduce the groundwater level and to prevent the flooding development of urban territory of Ukraine large cities, taking into account the European experience, has been improved, that includes:

- engineering measures implementation;

- control and management of groundwater sources recharge;

- water intake control;

- changing the water consumption norms;

- creating the publicly accessible groundwater level monitoring database;

- planning the action algorithms for emergency situations;

- public participation in the flooding problem.

The number of publications: 23, 11 papers (8 papers in foreign editions). According to Google Scholar database the total number of links is 30, h-index = 4.