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Factoring as a tool to increase the business efficiency: economic and legal aspects

Work number - M 14 FILED

Tokunova A.V. Institute of Economic and Legal Research of NAS of Ukraine


The work was performed in order to createnew approaches and proposals for improving the doctrine, legislation and practice of factoring using in business to improve the effectiveness of the latter one.

The work elaborates a number of theoretical statements, connected with a factoring as a tool for increasing business efficiency that could be characterized by the different levels of scientific novelty (including those made for the first time). Also, a list of suggestions for the refinement of the legislation in this area wasmade. Particularly, some changes and additions for the Commercial and Civil Codes of Ukraine, Laws of Ukraine “On Banks and Banking", "OnFinancial Services and State Regulation of Financial Markets", "On Licensing of Certain Types of Economic Activity" were proposed. Also the ways of harmonization of domestic legislation with the UNIDROIT Convention on International Factoring were grounded.Additionally, alist of new approaches for improving the practice of factoring operations was done.

Scientific work’s conclusions are significantforthe research work as well as in factoring practice, legislation and the educational process. Partially the results have already been implemented, so there is a list of appropriate acknowledgments.

The number of the publications on the topic: 50. Among of them there are: 1 monograph, 19 articles in the specialized professional journals, 30 papers in other journals (journals that are not from the list of the specialized professional ones, conferences’ proceedings etc. (including 5 of them published abroad)).

Author’s publications on this topic were cited by another researchers in the 18 scientific works; h-index according to the Google Scholar analytics = 1.