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Estimation of cost characteristics of water resources of Ukraine

Work number - M 30 AWARDED

The names and initials of the candidates – Sunduk A. M., Mandzyk V. M.

The organization which brings the papers to the Committee – Public Institution «Institute of Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine»

Brief description of the papers.

The objective of papersis development of theoretical and methodological and applied approaches to estimation of water resources of Ukraine.

Scientific novelty of the cycle of scientific papersis that for the first time the complex assessment of the cost parameters of water resources of Ukraine is conducted, which takes into consideration the physical, market and additional characteristics and based on a comprehensive analysis of cost indicators in sectoral and territorial terms, the implementation of which in practice functioning of the water sector and the economic system as a whole significantly enhance the effectiveness of their development.

Scientific and practical significance of the papersis the development and deepening of theoretical principles of implementation of procedure assessing the value of water resources, the formation of new methodological approaches to assess with improvement method taking into account the additional cost of resources. Results of research provide an opportunity to solve significant scientific problem associated both with involvement of cost characteristics of water resources to financial and economic processes, and additional sources of financing for development of water sector of Ukraine.

Publications.Results of research on the topic presented in 39scientific publications, including the cycle of 9 publications submitted for obtaining the annual Prize of the President of Ukraine for Young Researchers (2 scientific and methodical publications and 7 articles).

The total number of citations and h-index. 3 publications published in journals listed in the scientometric base Index Copernicus (Poland), EBSCO Publishing / Inc. (USA); Scientific Indexing Services (USA); EBSCO InfoBase Index (India), DOAJ ROAD, Google Scholar etc. The total citation index of publications of authors is 17 (according to the database of Google Scholar), h-index = 5.