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Energy efficiency diesel generator electromechanical systems vehicles

Work number - M 35 FILED

Submitted by (name of legal entity) Zaporizhzhya National Technical University

Authors: (name) Dmitry Kulagin - Professor electricity industry Zaporizhzhya National Technical University, Ph.D., associate professor

The aim is to improve the energy efficiency of diesel generator electromechanical systems of vehicles.

Scientific novelty of the results is as follows:

– The method Energy efficiency diesel generator electromechanical system vehicle static and dynamic characteristics, based on which, in contrast to existing methods used in synergistic properties of the system and for which it is necessary to consider means of energy-efficient mode of operation and management of each of the elements structure of electromechanical systems and general law manage them individually and collectively to achieve the most efficient level of specific fuel consumption and maximize efficiency of electromechanical systems;

– The method of choice of structure diesel generator electromechanical system of the vehicle with the possibility of accumulation of energy which, unlike existing methods take into account the synergistic properties of the electromechanical system that enables installed traction provided ease of construction, high energy efficiency and provide the diesel generator installation on economic characterization;

– Proposed and justified the use of the criterion of minimizing the area under the curve movement to develop algorithms for energy saving operation of electromechanical systems of vehicles, which unlike existing criteria combines the rational distribution between the objectives of minimizing travel time and fuel consumption while ensuring adherence to the values ​​of acceleration and jerk that achieves the minimum specific fuel consumption and thus get the limit reduced rate of fuel consumption by 6% and time movement area to 3% compared with the known control algorithms;

– Received feature torque control traction induction motor when driving the vehicle at various profiles path, which unlike existing considers the parameters of rational curves of the vehicle, allowing you to perform management as engines to achieve the set of electromechanical and electromagnetic parameters of diesel generator electromechanical system at work the economic characterization;

– The method of taking into account the shape of the curve of magnetization induction motor, which in contrast to the existing developed based functions Brillouin, allowing for well-known of the transfer coefficient between the value of the module vector working flux and current machines carry a description of the magnetization curve of traction induction motors as close to real curves error threshold to 3%.

Introduced in LLC "SRI" Converter "(Zaporizhzhya) the development of serial converters for electric drives at the Zaporozhye communal enterprise of urban electric" ZAPORIZHELETROTRANS "in service movement in the learning process Zaporizhzhya National Technical University, in research working professionals National metallurgical Academy of Ukraine (c. Dnepropetrovsk), OJSC "Minsk tractor plant".

The economic effect of the introduction of 65,320 grn.

Number of publications: results of the work published in 89 printed scientific works, including 6 books, 40 articles in professional journals (including 7 articles in foreign professional journals, 35 articles in journals included in the international scientometric databases, including 4 articles in publications that are Scientometrics database Scopus), 20 conference proceedings and Ukraine by 22 patents for inventions and utility models and copyright certificates. Total number of links to the author of 18 publications, h-index Google Shcolar = 3 (according to the database Google Shcolar) and h-index SCOPUS = 1 (according to database SCOPUS). Based on work prepared his doctoral thesis.