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Elaboration and application to the production of innovative resource energy retain technologies of pork production.

Work number - P 20 FILED

Pretenders: Voloshchuk V.M., Smirnov O.P., Ivanov V.O., Zasuha L.V., Mazanko M.O., Ihnat L.I., Lymar V.O., Smyslov S.Yu.

         Organization: Institute of Pig Breeding and agroindustrial production of National  Academy of Agrarian Sciences

         Purpose of the work: - creating the competitive designed technological and volumetric planning decisions at building new animal premises and the reconstruction of existent ones and the elaboration of the industrial pig complex using an innovative technology of pork production with the deep utilization of manure flows.

         Scientific novation of the work is in that first in the south of Ukraine it has been elaborated and inculcated the competitive innovation technology with closed cycle  of pork production and the deep utilization of manure flows which found the incarnation in the industrial pig complex by capacity of 24000 heads and pedigree factory on 200 sows.

         Practical significance of the work is in that it provided the transition on the modern technological and ecological level of the production of competitive commodity and pedigree production in region and became the base of the high efficiency of conducting the field in Ukraine. Thus, multifertility of sows on this enterprise is 16-19 piglets on one farrow, fast ripeness of rearing young pigs is 145 days, fat thickness is not more 15 mm, area of meat eye is 58 mm, slaughter output consists of 79%, meat in the carcass is not less 54%.

         First in domestic practice for last years it was complexly solved the question of volumetric planning and technological decisions, placing machine equipment, the application of modern systems of creating microclimate , feed-stuff distributing and watering, manure removal with next ecological utilization and cleaning the worked air.

         It is given the experience of reconstruction of pedigree factory on 200 sows and industrial pig complex on 24 000 heads in Odessa region, Bolgradskyi district. It is shown the innovative approaches of creating the system of microclimate at very high and low temperatures, using new building materials at the reconstruction premises, effective utilization of manure flows. It is give the detailed testimonial of the production sectors and modern equipment.

         Scientific results of the work are reflected in one monograph, three booklets, 24 articles. The novation and competitive ability of technical decisions are protected by 18 patents.