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Effective methods for stress state estimation in nonhomogeneous structures caused by the action of fields of different physical nature

Work number - P 7 AWARDED

Representedby the Ja. S. Pidstryhach Institute of Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine.


Hachkevych O.R., Popovych V.S.(posthumously), Terletskyi R.F., Yasinskyi A.V., Kharchenko V.V., Chirkov A.Y., Makhnenko O.V., Loboda V.V.

Creatednewmodels of the mechanics of related fields and the corresponding effective methods of calculation, research and optimization of mechanical, thermal, diffusion, electromagnetic and radiation fields in structurally inhomogeneous functional and structural elements, in particular multi-component and layered elements.

The cycle ofscientific papers contain priority resultsfrom the complex accounting features of interactionof consideration related fields in the material continuum, elastic-plastic character of deformation, nonlinearity of electrical, magnetic, thermal and mechanical properties and thermal sensitivity of materials, specificity of available force, thermal, electromagnetic and radiation loads including high intensity.

Received a number of fundamental lawsof thermo-mechanical behavior of elements (made of as low conductivity of the materials or piezoelectrical and conductive ferromagnetic and nonferromagnetic materials) for electromagnetic radiation of different frequency range and intensive integrated force and thermal loads.

Proposednew approaches,thathave expanded and generalized classes of mathematical models and methods of mechanics of related fields and mechanics of deformable solid bodies for complex external loads, including high-temperature heat and electromagnetic radiation or gamma radiation.

Results of the cycle of scientific papers are used for processing the methods of calculation and optimizing the parameters of the stress-strain state in responsible elements of power equipment, including nuclear reactors, high pressure boilers drums, steam generators and heat exchangers, optimization through different criteria the technologies of treatments using force, heat and electromagnetic factors of action and creation theoretical foundations of such treatment, and the development of advanced technologies of welding, including thermal straightening of welded thin-walled structures.

The cycle of scientific works consists of 188publicationsin refereed editions: 12 monographs;8chapters of monographs;150scientific articles, including 120– in foreign journals; 11 patents of Ukraine; testimony about copyright;national regulations document; reference manual and 4 encyclopedic articles (Encyclopedia of Thermal Stresses, publisher Springer). The total citations bypapers according to database Scopus is 761(h-index – 14), GoogleShcolaris 2051((h-index – 19).On the theme of cycle 12 doctoral and 15 candidate’s theses were protected.