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Dynamics of personal names of the Central Donetsk region (the late 19th – the early 21st centuries).

Work number - M 59 FILED

Buga T. V.

Donetsk National University.

The thesis is devoted to the study of the dynamics of 317 male names (88209 persons) and 351 female names (81387 persons) which are used in the Ukrainian families, and also of 447 male names (11351 persons) and 492 female names (14718 persons) which are used in the Ukrainian-mixed families in the villages of the central regions of Donetsk province. The analysis of the anthroponymy system of the period from the 1890s to 2000s has been done. Thus, male and female names were classified according to different principles; the distinctive features of different types of the Ukrainian-mixed name system in the comparison to the Ukrainian one were determined. The value of the work is that its results can be used when choosing a name for the new-born people. The appendixes include data for comprising a complete dictionary of names as well as for reference books, tutorials, atlases, etc.

The author has written fourteen papers and one monograph in course of the work on the subject.