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Development of innovative biotechnologies and equipment for organic products and energy resources production


Authors:Marus O., Sydorchuk O., Tashyreva A.

Paper is presentedby National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.

Paper solves an important scientific and technical problemof efficiency increasing by organic products and energy resources production through the development and implementation of innovative biotechnologies and equipment.

There are developed scientific basis and methodologyfor obtaining organic production and energy resources – biogas and biohydrogen – from multicomponent organic substrates.

Developed and implemented:method and equipment for biogas and organic fertilizers production; integrated technology for organic waste utilization with biohydrogen production; the new calibration method and calibrator for phytophages eggs; National Standard ДСТУ5016:2008: Entomological product of Trichogramma. General technical requirements; Standard of Organizations of Ukraine СОУ40.21-37-560:2007: Biogas for industrial and domestic use. Requirements and evaluation methods; 3 scientific and practical recommendations to industry and initial requirements ВОТ29.2-37-002:2013, approved by Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.The set of technological equipment for industrial cultivation of Trichogramma were improvedin Engineering and Technological Institute “Biotechnica” (Odessa). The model of industrial horizontal biogas reactor was produced on plant “TAN” (Chernigiv). CP-technology of biomass cultivation was implemented at “Agronomic Experimental Station” of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.

Global level is confirmedby research results recognition and awarding a gold medal on the XII International Agricultural Exhibition ”Agro-2010” within nomination “For use of modern technologies and equipment that prevent pollution and improve environment”.

These above mentioned developments are unique and have no analogues in the world.

Economic effectof innovative biotechnologies and equipment implementation for organic products and energy resources production was obtained due to refusal of chemical insecticides; increase of plant protection products effectiveness up to 20 %; reduction of mineral fertilizers amount to62,5 %; fuel use reduction to 30%; water savings to 50%. This allowed to make a profit in amount of 2.345,06 UAH/ha. Effectiveness of implemented project is certified by UNIDO.

Scientific results are reflected in more than 40 articles. Novelty and competitive technical solutions are protected 14 patents, 3 standards. Authors’ papers are quoted in more than 16 scientific and applied journals.