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Development of heat treatment technology for the rational use of wood

Work number - M 57 FILED

Presented by National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

Authors: Spirochkin A. K., Gorbachova O. Yu.

The purpose is to develop the wood heat treatment technology based on thermodynamic features of industrial species low-temperature drying and non-industrial wood typical properties for raw materials sustainable use.

The scientific principles of wood raw material rational use based on theoretical studies and experiments are defined by the authors through the use of various heat treatment technologies. It was establishedthat an activation mechanism is present at the wood drying process and the numerical values of activation energy for different wood was found; the traditional tabular calculating method of drying duration was clarified; the scope using of products made from heat treated hornbeam wood in different modes was defined.

It was offered the method of calculating low temperature drying duration based on the solution of the saw timber current humidity equate by considering the process thermo-dynamic features. Regime parameters of hornbeam wood modification to optimize the process, depending on the score of products made from it were offered.

Implemented in the recommendations form for predicting the convection drying quality of saw timber for Ukrainian woodworking enterprises.

Introduced in the manufacturing the revised method of low temperature drying duration calculating in modern convection chambers; regime parameters of modification; heat treated hornbeam wood for making the top layer of wood flooring in domestic enterprises.

The economic effect of the proposed method of the saw timbers low-temperature drying duration calculating will be achieved during the drying plant planning by preventing the annual loss of 3,1 million UAH for the average enterprises. The cost-effectiveness of using slip decking made of hornbeam thermally modified wood is
795 UAH/m2 compared with traditional larch.

Number of publications: 50, including 1 monograph, 22 scientific papers (6 – in foreign journals). According to the database of Google Shcolar total number of links – is 1, h-index (the work) = 1.