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Development of Entrepreneurship under Green Growth Strategy: Accounting, Analysis and Management

Work number - M 20 AWARDED

The author: Murovana Tetiana Oleksandrivna

Nominated by the Faculty of Economics, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

The series of 33 academic works comprises two monographs, two teaching aids that got two copyright registration certificates, 17 research papers and 12 conference proceedings published over the past seven years.

These works reflect the author's approach to improving the theoretical, methodological and organizational-practical foundations of entrepreneurial activity, development of its accounting and analytical support and implementation of effective management decisions in the context of the Green Growth Strategy in Ukraine and the world.

The novelty of the results is in improving and developing theoretical and practical bases for accounting and management at enterprises to expand the green business and create a transparent and reliable information base for environmental protection and effective environmental policy in Ukraine.The author suggested improvements to the legal and regulatory framework for entrepreneurship by elaborating additions to the principles of harmonizing national and international standards for environmental management and development of conceptual directions to adapt Ukraine's tax legislation to EU regulations. The procedure was suggested for displaying tax differences in the accounting system in the accounts of deferred tax assets and tax liabilities. Recommendations were developed as to application of analytical procedures for verifying the tax burden on enterprises by calculating its actual and marginal levels. A structural-logical model for managing development of the green business was developed with a focus on the phased implementation of the appropriate procedures and the required methodological support. The proposed procedures contribute to the development of the environmental enterprise sector, the preservation and economical use of the resources, reduction of destructive impact of the production activities on environment, enhancing the role of research in the advance of green technologies and innovations.

The nominated are the works that comprise 33 academic works including two monographs and two teaching aids, 17 research papers and 12conference proceedings of the series Development of Entrepreneurship under Green Growth Strategy: Accounting, Analysis and Management.The outcomes of the studies into the topic are reviewed in scientometrical databases of Scopus, one in Web of Science, two in Index Copernicus, seven in Google Scholar, two in Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, and two in RePEc. According to the Google Scholar database, the total number of links to the author's publications is 19 with the h-index being 3.

Dr. T. Murovana published a total of 57 academic works that comprise two monographs, two teaching aids, 20 research papers with three published in international journals, 11 teaching and guidance booklets and 22 conference proceedings.