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Development of energy saving technology and means to enhance the diamond abrasive processing in engineering

Work number - M 22 AWARDED

AuthorsSmokvyna V.V., Devitsky A.A.

Presented by the V. Bakul Institute of Superhard Materialsof NAS Ukraine for receiving the annual award of the President of Ukraine for young scientists

Inwork solved a major scientific and technical problems, which is to improve the efficiency of the grinding of hard tool materials from domestic reserves as laid down in the diamond abrasive tools and techniques of treatment.

The scientific principles of application of diamond abrasive tools with modified characteristics derived from domestic reserves of grain laid in SHM, increasing its durability and quality characteristics of the grinding process, using the binding characteristics of heterogeneity, and the use of methods of evaluation of the durability of the grinding tool SHM by taking into account the electrical phenomena accompanying processing.

The economic effect of implementing

The total economic impact of the introduction of the work of not less than 250 thousand UAH per year.

Research shows the results of 40 publications. Novelty and competitive technical solutions protected by 7 patents.