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Development and Implementation of Steam Turbine Condensers for Nuclear Power Plants

Work number - P 30 AWARDED



Shavlakov O.V., Feofentov M.О., Panchenko О.V., Kasatkin O.G., Uss О.М., Patsyuk S.T., Vavilov A.V., Kharlampidi D.Kh.


The aim of the workis to develop the scientific and technical foundations for the creation and implementation of high-performance and reliable designs of new-generation block and modular-type condensers (K-38080 and K-57530), which surpass their foreign analoguesin terms of technical and economic performance and can be used to upgrade equipment at the existingnuclear power plants or in the construction of new nuclear power plants.

The authors, based on theoretical studies and experiments, defined the concept of creating a design of condensers for replacing worn-out and outdated designs of condensers that have run out their service life at the nuclear power plants in operation in Ukraine, and for NPP units in new construction.

Scientific foundationsfor increasing the efficiency of condensers have been created by developing a new configuration of a modular-type tube bundle, which determines the optimum and effective thermodynamic performance, while the latest advanced engineering solutions are implemented.

Basic conceptual principles have been put in place. The main principles in the design of condensers are in the selection of corrosion-resistant materials for tube systems; optimization of the heat exchange surface, the number of intermediate tube sheets, the number of modules in the condenser casings and the mass loads on the rod supports of the foundation.

           What was proposed. Project designs of condensers that were developed and mastered in the production and operation of 1000 MW steam turbines for nuclear power plants.

What was carried out. Scientific and computational methods of design and research were developed to be used in the manufacture of condensers, meeting the latest requirements, including the creation of the design of individual modules in a ready-to-operate block and modular version equipped with assembled cooling tubes at the manufacturer’sworks and the installation of condensers on the existing supports of the foundation.

Comparisons with world analogues. The development of the condenser design has no analogues in the world practice of nuclear turbine construction; it is unique, it has not previously been used in the construction of condensers operating at Ukrainian NPPs and abroad.

What was implemented. The work resulted in commissioning the condensers at Separated  Subdivision Zaporizhia NPP, Unit 3; Separated  Subdivision South Ukraine NPP, Units 1 and 2,  in Ukraine, and at NPP abroad: at Balakovo NPP, Units 1, 2, 3 and 4; Kalinin NPP, Units 1 and 2; Rostov NPP, Units 3 and 4; Novovoronezh NPP, Unit 5, and at Kaiga-3,4 NPP and Rajastan-5,6 NPP in India.

Economic benefits from implementation. The work performed to create condensers has shown that the NPPs meet international standards and are the best in Ukraine in terms of technical and economic performance, reliability and safety of 1000 MW turbine plants. The implementation of condensers makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the existing power units through additional power generation. The economic benefit from the implementation is  
2 628 140 000,00 UAH.

Number of publications: 86, including 2 monographs, 84 articles (4 in international editions). According to the Scopus database, the total number of references to publications of the authors is 2, h-index is 1; according to the Google Scholar database , the total number of references is 78, h-index is 6.