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Development and implementation of innovative technologies on the process of carbon-graphite production making for electrometallurgy



Vasilchenko G.M., Derkach V.V., Karvatskii A.Ya., Kutuzov S.V., Leleka S.V.,
MischenkoD.D., PanovYe.M., PetrovB.F., FridmanM.O., ShylovychI.L.


Performed multipurpose science and technology workwhich results an important technical and economy problem in the all-state metallurgical branch by development a new equipment, technologies and products, reducing energy, material consumption as well as and human recourses decreasing, reducing the anthropogenic impact on environment. Developed issues contribute of the plants’ production competitiveness increasing at the international market and bring the electrometallurgical companies on the level of sustainable development concept.      

An important science and technology problem is solved: grounded on the systematic science analysis and technology approach as well as experimental investigation the new type of the technology cycle with through control is developed is developed which provides the products output with energy intensity and quality are matched with benchmarking.

Science basis and methodology are developed:on technology schedules development; equipment design; on methods and means of computer simulation and engineering of technology carbon-graphite production; on resource and energy saving options implementation in electrodes production and metallurgical industry.

Developed and implemented: science and technology options of raw materials quality identification; through control of carbon-graphite products quality; new equipment for carbonaceous mixture making, burning of “green” billets, anthracite electrical calcification (treatment) that have no prototypes among of CIS countries; technological options of preparation and monitoring of graphitization process which provides good quality production outputs on (5–10) %; innovation means and sensors for extra-high temperatures measurements in industrial kilns based on innovation soft- and hardware interface; computer modeling of the physical data fields at high temperature processes and equipment; new products ПБГ-2, ПБ10, ЕГСП 650, ДБМП, graphitized composite electrodes for arc kilns that have no analogues among the world producers.

World-class design is confirmed by:modern means of raw materials quality control; high-technology level of computer engineering at technology processes and equipment; index of specific energy consumption (SEC) reducing at the high temperature electrical treatment of anthracite on (15–20) %, at the graphitization process of electrodes in Acheson type of kilns on (6–14) %; reducing natural gas consumption within 14 %  to43,6 %; quality of electrodes enhancement up to(96–98 %); reducing of indexes of SECelectrical arc kilns for steel producing (active electricityon7 %, reactive electrical power on20 %).

Economy benefit aggregateswith profitability increasing, shareholders income increasing and state taxes budget increasing on about 25billions UAH annually.

Science and research results are reflected in 10monographs, more than 100articles(in this number 34articles are issued in magazines included toSCOPUSbase). Innovativeapproachesandcompetitivenessof the technical options are confirmed by 51patents.Related to the science topic were defended 1Thesisis of Doctor of Technical sience  and  7Thesisis of Candidate of Technical sciences.