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Development and implementation of the complex of safe operation means for railway transport

Work number - P 50 FILED

Developers: Panchenko S.V., Ushkalov V.F., Prikhodko S.I., Furman I.A., Malinovsky M.L., Demchenko F.O., Mokriy T.F., Pasechnik S.S., Semchuk R.V., Maiboroda I.A.


The Educational establishment which presents the research:Ukrainian State Academy of Railway Transport.


The most important problem for railway transport is improvement and development of new methods and means for rolling stock safe operation. Therefore the research deals with theoretical development and practical implementation of state-of-the-art safety means of railway automation and their theoretical justification, improved structures and enhanced operational parameters of bogies as basic elements, which provide maintenance safety of rolling stock.

The objective of the research: improvement of  technical and economic parameters, namely, operational safety, reliability, mass-dimensional and economic factors of railway automation and telemechanics systems; replacement of the 18-100 model bogies with improved three-element bogies keeping the most metal-intensive elements of the bogies and implementation of new modernized units.

обоснована необходимость использования упругих прокладок между клиньями и наклонной поверхностью надрессорных балок; получила дальнейшее развитие математическая модель сил крипа.

Scientific novelty of the research:combination of mathematical models and synthesis methods for safe logic machines of parallel action which do not require excessive safe internal coding; further development of synthesis methods for safe machines, enhancement of descriptive methods for EPLD; further improvement of designing methods of safe control action devices; first mathematical and HDL models of n-channel devices for safe harmonic wave formation; original solution of the geometric spatial problem of the wheel/rail system; seizure phenomenon detection  in the wedge/bolster system and development of seizure preventive methods in new bogie construction designing based on detailed mathematic modelling of the friction wedge-like spring suspension system;  foundation for needed usage of elastic fillers between wedges and the sloping surface of bogie bolsters and further development of the mathematical model of creepage forces.

The works on the theme: 137 articles, 6 monographs, 13 invention certificates and patents of Ukraine.