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The development and implementation in the agricultural production of complexes of means for growing corn and other crops for energy, resource saving technologies

Work number - P 33 FILED

Authors: Adamchuk V.V., Bulgakov V.M., Kyurchev V.M., Nadykto V.T., Kalapa S.G., Khorishko V.D., Ponomar U.V., Gavrylenko P.M.


The purpose of this paper is to create on the grounds of new scientific knowledge and implementation in the agricultural production of highly effective complexes technical facilities for growing corn and other crops for energy, resource saving technologies.

On the results of workobtained new regularities dynamics of movement machine-tractor aggregates formed by using the same operating machines based on the combined aggregation, the dynamics of movement's multi aggregates for cultivation and multifunctional aggregates to perform operations soil cultivation, fertilizing and seeding corn and other crops. A new theory of interaction of working bodies technical means for agrochemical services of technological materials and their distribution in the applying mineral fertilizers and sowing seeds, and the theory of pneumatic distribution of seed in the wide-sowing complex and process of vibrational motion in the soil environment opener. In addition, a new scientific foundations of the combined aggregation of modern plowing tractors traction class 3 built with new technical means.

Scientific and practical significance of the work consists in the development of the necessary of preconditions for creating competitive complexes of technical means. It made it possible to to master production of new machines for cultivation of grain and other crops for energy, resource saving technologies on 8 factories domestic agricultural machinery, the total volume more than 2.5 thousand. of tractors and more than 14.3 thousand. technical means of modern technical level. In view of that the developed technique is characterized by high technical and exploitation parameters, including: higher productivity almost 1.5 - 2.0 times, reducing of specific energy consumption by no less than 30% its price is lower by 1.5 - 2 3 times than the best world analogues. Introduction in manufacture of these complexes of technical means given economic effect which is more than one billion USD.

In this paper, published 7 monographs, 43 refereed publications (including 17 in foreign journals, 5 of which are cited in publications SCOPUS), and have received 77 patents of Ukraine for inventions.