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of the cycle of works "Physics, dynamics and statystics of comets, minor planets and meteors: observations, discoveries, and new models».

Work number - P 44 FILED

Authors: Yuriy Ivanovich Voloshchuk, Yuriy Mykolayevich Ivashchenko, Vitaly GrigorovichKruchynenko, Klim Ivanovich Churyumov. Nominated by Kyiv National Taras Shevchenkouniversity in  2015.

The cycle consists of 6 books and 110 scientific papers published in the period 1969-2013the main way in international refereed journals contained in the database SCOPUS (211) - with 295 citations, h = 12. On the subject were awarded5 doctoraland 4 candidatetheses.

The cycle of works devoted to the study of physical and kinematic characteristics of small bodies in the solar system, which include comets, asteroids and meteor substance.

Within the frame work was discovered and investigated 2 new comets- a short-period comets – 67P/ (Churyumov-Gerasimenko), which is the main targetof Rosetta space mission (worth 1.7 billion euros) and a long-period - C/1986 N1 (Churyumov- Solodovnikov), 352 minor planets and more than 5,000 meteor showers. By 67Pcomet, discovered in 1969 by Kyiv astronomers K.I.Churyumov nd S.I.Gerasymenko in 2014 approached the spacecraft of the European Space Agency's "Rosetta" and for the first time in the history of science landed probe Philae on the  comet nucleus and conducted research study of the physical and chemical characteristics of cometary material, which represents the relictsubstance from which 4.6 billion years ago Sun and planets including planet Earthwere formed. Among the 352 minor planets discovered by Yu.M.Ivashchenkowith his colleaguesinAndrushivka Observatory thereare many namesof asteroidsassociated with Ukraine.

Within the cycleof works studied the orbital evolution of comets and physical evolution of selected cometary nuclei in the field of solar radiation.  Alarge amount of complex observations of comets and photographic and radar observations of meteorswas received. Based on these observations studied physical conditions in neutral atmospheres andin  plasma tails of comets, wasdiscovered radiance ofC2 carbon negative ion in spectra of comets,  recorded outbursts of brightness of Jupiter's moons during the fall on them fragments of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, developed a new theoretical model of plasma structures of comets and active cometary phenomena et al.Were developed principles of physical theory of meteors questions, explaining the heating mechanisms and destruction of meteoroids in the atmosphere of the Earth and other planets, derived generalized integral function of influx of cosmic matter on Earth by masses in the range of 10-12 g to 1022 g, wasdeveloped an original method for determining the diameter of icy comet nucleus on the base of  water moleculesproduction from it,developed a new model of creation of artificial crater in the nucleus of the comet et al., created a unique database of individual elements of the orbits of meteors (over 150 thousand), conducted a thorough analysis on the basis identify new meteor showers and associations.