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Creation of reversible hydraulic generating units of Dniester PSPP to improve perfromance of integrated power system of Ukraine

Work number - P 11 AWARDED

Submitted to the Public Joint-Stock Company “Turboatom”


Authors: E.I. Sokol, A.K. Tsaryuk, A.Y. Cherkasskiy, O.V. Lynnyk, G.I. Ishchenko, I.H. Syrota, V.V. Galat, O.M. Vakulenko


The purpose of the work in question is the creation of reversible hydraulic generating units of Dniester Pump Storage Plant to improve the performance of the integrated power system of Ukraine.

The concept of construction of the pump storage plant using a reversible hydraulic machine is established by the authors based on theoretical studies and experiments.

The scientific basis is formed for energy performance improvement for the PSPP, by means of creation of a new water passage combining good power and cavitation performances in the pump mode as well as in the turbine mode.

Basic conceptual framework is formed: Taking into consideration the development prospects of the integrated power system of Ukraine, it is anticipated that Dniester PSPP will fulfil the following functions within the power system: carry the peak load of the demand curve; reduce the off-peak loads during night-time hours improving the operating conditions of thermal and nuclear power plants concurrently; control the power, load and power flows; generate and consume reactive power, control the line voltage. The pump-turbine water passage behaviour as resulting from large-scale model testing allow creation of a number of reversible generating units for PSPPs of various capacities. 

Suggested: Development of construction project for Dniester PSPP.

Realized: Development of scientific and computational methods of design and survey, which have been used in the manufacture of equipment meeting the most up-to-date requirements.

Implemented: The result of the work is commissioning of the first start-up complex (consisting of three hydrogenating units) of Dniester PSPP.

Economic benefit from implementation: The technical and economic assessment of Dniester PSPP shows that the annual profit from the operation in the conditions prior to construction completion, at the full supply level of +74.500 m is UAH 2.583 bln while the profit from operation in the optimized conditions with the tailrace reservoir construction having been completed, at the full supply level of +77.100 m is UAH 4.049 bln., that is the acceleration of profit is UAH 1.466 bln or 57 % just within a year.

The scientific results of the work are represented in 7 monographs, over 61 articles. Their citation index since 2012 is 35, h-index is 4. The novelty and competitiveness of the technical solutions are protected by 6 authorship certificates and 11 patents. On the subject matter under consideration, 2 doctoral dissertations and 12 candidate’s dissertations are defended