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Creation of radiating structures of multifunctional radioelectronic systems

Work number - P 13 AWARDED

Presented by V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University


Katrich V.A., Nesterenko M.V., Gorobets N.N., Berdnik S.L., Dumin O.M., Pochanin G.P., Drobakhin O.O., Penkin Yu.M.


The goal of the work is to create effective radiating structures of microwave and UHF bands which provide the radiation with given properties (energy, spatial, polarization, frequency, time) in different frequency ranges.

Multifunction, multielement, multiresonant, combined magnetoelectric radiating structures, and antenna arrays with combined and sectioned waveguide-resonator aperture that work in different modes of its excitation by harmonic, broadband, and non-stationary fields were developed and implemented in radioelectronic systems, devices, and technologies.

The 36-channel group horn irradiator for panoramic radiometer of spacecraft "Sich-1M", which allowed firstly to get the sun radio image in the millimeter band, reflector antenna for panoramic radiometers of aviation base and space radio telescope KTR-30 were created.

To generate the given impulse fields the antenna arrays of large current antennas, differential antenna systems were created that allowed us to obtain georadars with unique accuracy and speed characteristics. For the first time the requirements for antennas that ensure implementation of the principle of Fourier holography in frequency – time space were validated. On this basis, the measuring systems were realized and the new technology of nondestructive test of polymer composite materials of rocket and space engineering including multifunctional coating was created.

Implemented in the work the set of rigorous methods and mathematical models of computational electrodynamics provide the world level of design of the novel highly efficient electromagnetic structures with new technical characteristics.

The number of publications:402, including 12 monographs (3 monographs were published in international scientific publishing houses), 213 articles in refereed journals (including 127 foreign ones). According to database Scopus the general citation index of the publications of the authors of the series is 726, h-index (of the series) = 11. According to database Google Scholar the general citation index of the publications of the authors of the series is 868, h-index (of the series) = 11. The novelty and competitiveness of the technical solutions were defended by 21 patents. The 8 Doctor Sci. and 16 Cand. Sci. theses were defended within the framework.