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Creation of new nanostructured zeolite and binary carbon-containing systems of different functionality

Work number - M 60 AWARDED


Shcherban N.D., Filonenko S.M.

Submitted by L.V. Pisarzhevskii Institute of the Physical Chemistry of the NASU



New micro-mesoporous aluminosilicate zeolite-like materials, nanostructured porous carbon-containing materials, including carbon materials doped with hetero-elements, carbon structures with metal nanoparticles, nanoporous carbon nitride, silicon carbide etc. with different functional properties were created using new physical and chemical approaches to targeted regulation of structural and textural characteristics, and chemical nature of the surface.

The authors have developed highly active nanostructured catalysts, including photocatalysts, for industrial processes, and fine chemicals, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, in particular hydrolytic hydrogenation of arabinogalactan (biomass conversion), the synthesis of compounds with anti-Parkinson activity, conversion of carbon dioxide into valuable organic products (methane, acetaldehyde); highly effective adsorbents of hydrogen and carbon dioxide, materials for supercapacitors were created.

The results of research on the topic of the series were published in 48articles (35in journals included in Scopus database), abstracts of 40presentations at conferences. The authors’ works were cited in 94scientific journals, total citation index is 113(according to Scopus database),139(according to Google Scholar),h-index = 5, (according to Scopusdatabase), 6 (Google Scholar). Six patents of Ukraine have been received.

Total number of authors’ publications: Shcherban a co-author of 49 articles, 37 abstracts and 7 patents of Ukraine; Filonenko a co-author of 29 articles, 15 abstracts and 5 patents of Ukraine.