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Creation of metal matrix composites of instrumental purpose


Proposed by Institute of Pulse Processes and Technologies of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Authors:PhDZaichenkoA.D., LypianYe.V., Torpakov A.S.


The goal of work is creation of highly wear-resistant metal matrix composites of Fe–Ti–C–(B)system by utilization of processes of dispersion of powder blend, synthesis of solid phases during treatment of elemental powders mixtures by high voltage electric dicsharge in kerosene and its subsequent spark plasma sintering.

Basing on theoretical  studies and experiments, authors determined main regularities of powders dispersion and synthesis of solid phases during high voltage electric discharge (HVED) treatment of Fe–Ti–С–(B) system powders in kerosene and an impact of preleminary HVED treatment on peculiarities of structure formation and main physical and mechanical properties of metal matrix composites, obtained by spark plasma sintering.

Technological schemes for production of Fe–Ti–C–(B)system metal matrix composites and tools (cutters, punches, inserts for milling heads) made from them are proposed.

New materials and technological processes, developed by authors, have undergone trial-industrial approbation at Experimental production of Institute of Pulse Processes and Technologies of NAS of Ukraine and “ZAVOD KRISTAL” Ltd.

Economical effect from implementation of series of papers results is high, as usage of obtained Fe–Ti–C–(B)system carbide steels for production of tools allows reducing details prime cost by 35-50 % and increasing their service life by 50 %.

Number of publications:55, including 20 articles (7 – in international journals). According to Scopus database, total number of citations of authors papers, presented in work, is 4, h-index (of work) is 1; according to Google Scholardatabase total number of citations of authors papers, presented in work, is 7, h-index (of work) is 2. Novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions is protected by 7 patents.