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Creation and introduction of drug-free hemp varieties

Work number - P 2 FILED


Vyrovets V.H., Laiko I.M., Horshkova L.M., Migal M.D., Kyrychenko H.I., Scherban I.I., Orlov M.M.


It is presented by Research Station of Bast Crops of the Institute of Agriculture of Northern-East of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine


The important scientifically-technical and social problem of liquidation of drug content in industrial hemp is determined in this work. Scientific principles and methodology of creation of drug-free hemp varieties are developed on the basis of conducted first in world practice of fundamental and applied researches, directed on establishment of genetic, physiology, biochemical regularities of accumulation and transformation of cannabinoids compounds; developments of methods of their high-quality and quantitative diagnostics; ground of breeding methods and maintenance of such property at growing.

It is created and applied in industry 19 drug-free high-yield hemp varieties. Content of basic psychotropic compound of tetrahydrocannabinol succeeded to be decreased from 0,8–2,0% to 0,000% (complete absence), that more than in thousand one times. This fact is confirmed by the State Scientifically-Researching Expertly-Crime Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and proper establishments of Russia and Austria.

The world level of work is proved by including of USO 31, USO 14, Hliana, Zolotoniski USO 11, Zolotoniski 15 ets. Hemp varieties to the proper registers of countries of European Union (occupying to 34% sowing areas, depending on a country), Russian Federation (about 52% areas), USA, Canada and China.

Industrial hemp is practically striked off of list of drug content plants and examined as the ordinary field culture. In the world radically attitude changed toward them, in many countries withdrawn objection on growing, hemp-growing was saved as traditional and important industry, satisfying the requirements of humanity in natural fibers and valuable oil.

Because of that from 2012 the guard of hemp sowing areas, which contain not more than 0,08% tetrahydrocannabinol, is disaffirmed, an economic effect from it makes about 5,0 thousand of UAN from a hectare, and an income from growing of sort with the enhance able productivity is at least made by 15,0 thousands of UAH from a hectare with the prospect of year-on-year growth, development of industry, increase of sowing areas.

Scientific performances of the work are represented in 5 monographs and more than 375 articles. A novelty and competitiveness of technical decisions is protected by 19 author’s certificates on the drug-free hemp varieties and by 12 patents. On this subject 5 doctor’s and 20 candidate's thesis were defended.