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Controllable effects of plastic deformation of product pieces for metallurgy and transport

Work number - P 31 FILED

Submitted by Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University

          Authors: Dragobetskyi V.V.; Shapoval O.O.; Schepetov V.V.; Lotous V.V.;  Legotkin G.I.; Slyepynin A.G.; Chigirinskyi V.V.; Kresanov Yu.S.

The aim is to improve the manufacturing processes of thin-walled structures of minimum weight and parts of refractory and composite materials.

The authors have determined the optimal process parameters of plastic deformation, hardening and cladding on the basis of theoretical studies and experiments.


Scientific bases of production processes of products for metallurgy and transport  by plastic deformation have been created.

A basic conceptual framework for designing optimization models of metal part production for metallurgy and transport is formed.

A complex of controllable effects of plastic deformation, optimization criteria are proposed.

New designs of thin-walled profiles and solutions of metal part manufacturing technologies for metallurgy and transportation are implemented.

Comparison with the world analogues. According to the global performance, the products manufactured by the proposed technologies meet and exceed the requirements of their foreign counterparts.

A new technological scheme of production of tungsten tapes and cathodes of  higher quality with high performance characteristics is introduced; a technological complex for mass production of composite active elements of electrodes is developed; the output of more than 300 modifications of rims and wheel parts of vehicles with the production of 6.5 million. pcs. per year and 19 kinds of blanks for ITC CST blades from VT-8, VT3-1 titanium alloys of stainless and heat resistant steels 14H17N2 Sternberg, Sternberg 15H16N2AM aircraft engines D-36, AI-25 TV3-117 is initiated.

The economic effect of the putting into production makes 288,32 mln. USD.

Number of publications: 822, including monographs 9, 4 textbooks (manuals), articles 605 (36 - in foreign editions). According to the Google Shcolar database the total number of references – is 64, h-index (the work) = 7. The novelty and competitiveness of the technical solutions are protected by 147patents.  5  doctoral and  25master's theses are defended on the subject.