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Computer modeling of dynamic objects with complex transfer functions using chain-fraction approximations

Work number - M 69 FILED

Ivanyuk V. A.

Kamyanets-Podilsky National Ivan Ogiyenko University

The dissertation is focused on using chain-fraction approximations in the modeling of dynamic objects, which are described by complex transfer functions. The dissertation offers an approach in applying chain fractions while developing approximation models of dynamic objects. There were developed approximation algorithms for rational transfer functions of a high order, approximation models for objects with distributed parameters, which are described by irrational and transcendental transfer functions. A package of application programs, that contains modules to employ the algorithms for development of the chain-fraction approximation models, has been developed.

Keywords:mathematical model, transfer functions, approximation, chain fractions, objects with the distributed parameters.

Publication.The results are published in 32 scientific papers, in particular, in one monograph, one scientific and practical design, in 13 scientific journals.