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Complexes and technologies of determination of the Transport-state of highways

Work number - P 29 FILED

 Submittedby National Transport University

Authors: Bulah O.I., Gladun S.A., Goncharenko F.P., Lebedev O.S., Pavlyuk V.V., Pavlyuk D.O., Popov V.O., Rybitskii L.L.

         The work aims at improving productivity and accuracy of pavement performance testing, i.e. roadbed strength, smoothness and traction coefficient in order to take efficient project decisions for reconstruction, overhaul and current repair of roads.

         The authors have laid down the directions for improving testing complexes and pavement performance testing technology.

Scientific basis for road diagnostics as well as new testing complexes and technologies for their implementation have been developed.

.Basic conceptual principles of protecting and renovating Ukrainian roads have been formed.

New innovative structures of measuring complexes have been proposed.

Outcomes:a range of universal measuring devices UDVO (from UDVO-1 to UDVO-9) have been developed and produced; mobile laboratories on the basis of microbuses have been equipped. Pavement performance testing technology based on the presented complexes has been developed.

 Comparison with world analogues. Measuring units’ location on a self-contained trailer has made it possible to reduce consumption of materials by 3 times and mobile laboratories mileage by 1, 5 times; to increase accuracy of smoothness assessment by excluding variable automobile characteristics impact on measuring results. Measuring the duration period of a ram tester rebound from the pavement between the first and the second strikes permits to simplify  measuring and increase productivity by 2 times.

It has been implemented in road organizations of the State Road Agency of Ukraine to test road performance of 44.900km of roads along with relevant project documentation for reconstruction, overhaul and current repair of state roads.

The economic impact of the implementation is 129.4 mln. hrn.

The number of publications:65, which include 65 articles (7 articles in foreign publications). According toGoogle Shcolarthe total number of references is 57, h-index (per article) equals 5. The novelty and competitiveness of engineering solutions have been defended by 13 inventor’s certificates and patents. 1 Doctor of Science thesis and 1 Candidate of Science thesis relevant to the topic have been defended