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Complex geomonitoringsystem for industrial and mining territories

Work number - M 7 AWARDED

Presented by: State Higher Educational Institution "National Mining University"

Authors: Natalia Derevyagina, Dmytro Prykhodchenko, Vadim Sotskov, MykolaTrehub


The aim of the work is to develop a comprehensive system of geo-monitoring of industrial and mining territories, taking into account their resource potential, technological provision of energy-efficient extraction of raw materials and substantiation of hydro-geomechanical stability of rock massin terms of sustainable land use.

Based on theoretical and experimental research, the authors determined: the lateral and stratigraphic patterns of change in the composition and quality of coal as predictive criteria for its energy-efficient use; a minimally sufficient depth of the location of worked out excavations is determined, whichis the main indicator for substantiation of rational mining parameters, taking into account the influence of geomechanical processes in the rock mass; surface landslide processes of disturbed territories formed due to the established phenomenon of technogenic filtration inversion of loesses destroying the macroporous structure; possible methods for rationalization of geodetic monitoring and determination of boundaries of protection zones with the their state registration.

The scientific fundamentals of the innovative scientific and methodical complex of quantitative visualization of technogenic changes of industrial and mining regions are createdwith the use of geo-monitoring, including planning, control and forecast of the dynamics of development in space and time of the system "underground object – rock mass - surface environment". The conceptual bases are formed for estimation of resource potential of territories, technological provision of extraction and eco-friendly use of coal, analytical and model definition of hydro-geomechanical stability of weakened loesses at all stages of development of industrial and mining regions.

The system of geo-monitoringis suggested, taking into account the parameters of composition and grade of raw materials, rational parameters for workings support, pre-landslideactivation potential, parameters of protecting surface areas,minimization of loss of territories with optimal determination of boundaries of protection zones.

In contrast to similar research worldwide, the work is genuine, because for the first time geo-monitoring complex of industrial and mining territories have beeninvestigated and simulated, with quantitative and qualitative parametrization of production and use of coal, the mechanism of technogenic degradation of bearing properties of surface layers under the influence of filtration inversion, taking into account the rational use of adjacent territories.

Six new techniques and recommendations for engineering procedures were introduced.The economic impact of the implementation amounted to UAH 5.3m.

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