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Blended learning system of future experts in software engineering

Work number - M 56 AWARDED

Presented by Institute of Information Technologies and Learning Tools National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine.

Author: Striuk Andrii Mykolaiovych.


The aim of work is designing, development and implementationof blended learningsystem of future experts in software engineering into educational process of higher education institutions in Ukraine.

Defined on the basis of theoretical generalization that the organization of educational process on the blended learning model, using learning management systems will increase the level of educational achievements of bachelorssoftware engineering. Blended learningmanagement systemis developed as a result of research and experimental work.

Created the scientific basis of the following 1) the blended learning of future experts in software engineering; 2) design and implementation of blended learning management systems for higher technical education.

The methodical bases of organization of the blended learning system programming experts in software engineering at the I level of higher education, which involve the use of blended learning management systems, are formulated.

Offered model of using blended learning management systems for organization of training bachelors software engineering to system programming; the organizational model of blended learning in higher education institution, which involves the use of a learning management system, and the model of educational portal of university that is based on a learning management system.

Designed, realized and implemented educational software tool "Blended learning control system "Agape", which should be used for organization of the blended and distance learning, for information support the industrial and corporate learning; the structure of the educational portal based on the learning management system.

The theoretical and methodological basis of the blended learning of future experts in software engineering correspondto the world's leading trend of higher IT education, and developed educational software for its functionality on most of the indicators at the level of world analogues as ATutor, Dokeos, eFront, ILIAS, Moodle, OLAT, and in some cases is more advanced tool of blended learning.

Results of work is implemented in the educational process of leading Ukrainian universities, and  in the system of training, retraining and improving the qualificationsof a number of industrial enterprises.

Number of publications: 49, including 2 monographs, 20 articles (4 – in foreign editions). According to the Google Scholar database, the total number of links is 119, h-index = 6.