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The basic technology of nanosized semiconductor epitaxial structures for the needs of the electronics


Authors:Avksentyev Yu.A., LarkinS.Yu, KrukoskyS.I., Bonkovskyy E.L.,Vakiv M.M., KostYa.Ya., VasinA.V., RusavckyA.V.


Presented by Public joint-stock company “Scientific and industrial concern “Nauka”.

The work purpose is working out and introduction of the newest highly effective manufacturing techniques of nanoscale semi-conductor epitaxial structures for manufacture requirements of element base of radio electronics, light-emitting diodes, photo-electric converters.

The main scientific importance of work consists in working out of new physicotechnological principles to control the properties of nanoscale heterostructures А3В5by influence their defective subsystem by basic parametres of technological process and alloying isovalency impurities on industrial MOCVD equipment.Optimal technological processes of reception of a number of new nanocomposite materials with unique properties based on silicon-carbon films are developed. For its totality, the received results have allowed to create in Scientific and Industrial Concern "Nauka" Ukraine's first  highly technological manufacture of nanoscale semi-conductor epitaxial structures for requirements of radio electronics, nanophotonics, restored energy sources, on the basis of photo-electric converters of solar energy, and also other related areas of science and technics.

Economic effect of introduction of the developed technologies during work performance at the enterprises of highly technological branches of economy of Ukraine exceeds 27 million UAH.

The received results are widely used in preparation of engineering, scientific and scientifically pedagogical staff. Scientific results of work are displayed in more than 100 articles. Novelty and competitiveness of technical decisions is protected by 26 domestic and international patents.