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Аseries of the work "From the history of the struggle for Ukrainian statehood 1917-1921"


Authors: Skalsky V., Tymchenko R., Fayzulin Y.

Series of scientific papers consists of 2 books and 43 scientific papers published over 4 years.

The basis of generalizing works on the history of the struggle for Ukrainian statehood in 1917-1921.  A number of fundamental results of socio-economic, military, political and legal aspects of the Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1921, the aspirations of the Ukrainian people to build an independent, united, democratic Ukraine have been obtained. Series of scientific papers containing the results of the priority issues in the study of public perceptions of the various governments in the revolutionary transformation of 1917-1921, unifying aspirations of the Ukrainian people, the armed struggle of the UPR Army .New approaches to create the modern concept of the genesis of states in Ukraine of 1917-1921 in the context of the formation of states in Central and Eastern Europe have been proposed.

New non-traditional important tasks but practically not covered in the previous stages of the historiographical aspects of Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1921 have been staged by authors. Need to move away from a purely research Ukraine's political history of the revolutionary era and focus research attention on the problems of everyday life have been recorded in particular.

The results of the cycle are important for the development of curricula, textbooks for students and university students as well as for the preparation of generalizing works on the history of Ukraine and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Recently, experience the history of revolutions also received important for modern domestic and foreign life in Ukraine.

The research results described in 45 publications, including 2 books, 43 articles in refereed journals.