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AN-148-100/AN-158 airplane design, building and setting into operation

Work number - P 47 AWARDED


Vasilevsky E.T., Ishuk V.P., Kudryavtsev V.A., Podgrebelny N.S., PopovV.V., Potapenko P.V., Protsenko G.B., Sidorov A.S., Fedorov S.I., FilichevA.V.

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Thepaperpresentsthepurpose, mainscientific, technical, designanddevelopmentactivities, experimentalinvestigationsandtests, productionengineering, aftersalesupportactivities, maintenanceandtrainingaswellasthe resultsofoperationofAn-148-100/An-158 airplanes.

HavingnoequalsAn-148-100/An-158 high wing passengerairplanesduetotheiraerodynamicconfiguration,allowingcruiseflightat maximum speed of 870 km/h (M=0.8),andhighcomfortlevel for passengersequaltoBoeing737 andA320passenger airlinerscanbeoperatedfromunpavedground  runways, under harshweatherconditions, extremelowandhightemperatures, high altitudes and highlands from the airfields with the maximum altitude of 4 100 m. An-148-100/An-158 airplanes surpass similar type regional EMBRAER and Sukhoi CIvivl Aircraft in terms of the level of aerodynamic cleanness and efficiency.

Economicbenefitofthe design and development, serialproduction, andplacingintooperationofAn-148-100/An-158 airplanesincomparisontoordering of similarairplanes from foreigncompetitorsmakesupUSD 2338.6 million. Totaleconomic effect of the state budget revenuesofUkrainefromtaxesandduties(socio-budgetaryeffect) makesupUSD 1264.8 million.

The paper contains information on job creation opportunities and conditions for the development of industry science in Ukraine.

During the work 29 scientific publications have been released, 14 persons have achieved degree of the candidate of technical science, one person has achieved degree of the candidate of economical science and one person has achieved degree of the doctor of technical science.