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Innovative technologies of self propagating high temperature synthesis

Work number - M 39 AWARDED

Presented Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrogradskyi National University

Kulynych Viktoriia, Belokon Yuriy, Sereda Dmytro

The aim of the work is to increase the use efficiency of boron, silicon and titanium alloyed chromium-alloy protective coatings (CAPC), obtained in the conditions of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) on structural materials by determining the optimal compositions of SHS-charges.

Based on the conducted researches and the received results new alloyed chromium-alloyed protective coatings and compositions of powder charges for SHS are offered. A rational process of surface hardening is proposed.

With the help of computer and mathematical modeling, a rational technology for obtaining alloyed chromium-alloy protective coatings on structural materials has been developed, which allows using the spent charge as ballast filler for SHS-charges, abrasive material for grinding, powder material for spraying.

The process stages for obtaining doped CAPC are determined; the analysis of the state at each stage is carried out. The temperatures of spontaneous combustion and the maximum temperatures from the amount of cholesterol in the SHS charge were experimentally established, which made it possible to develop a rational composition of the SHS charge to obtain wear-resistant alloyed CAPC on steel 50.

The kinetics of formation of protective coatings on steel 50 has been studied. Based on the obtained data, the conditions for obtaining the greatest coating thickness are predicted.

The approbation of the use the obtained coating in industrial conditions for the parts of the B10 bulldozer was carried out, which confirmed the effectiveness of the proposed coating technology; the implementation of the developed recommendations allowed to increase the service life by 2.7-3.2 times by increasing the wear resistance by 1.9-2.1 times.

Number of publications: 25 articles in publications indexed in the international scientific database Sсopus, 25 - in professional publications, 2 - monographs, 5 patents for inventions. The total number of references to the authors' publications / h-index of the work, according to the databases are: Web of Science – 0/0, Scopus – 294/13, Google Scholar – 303/12.