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Scientific bases of choice of steels for hydrogen sulfide environments and development of methods of their corrosion protection

Work number - M 14 AWARDED

Presented Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute of the NAS of Ukraine

Halaichak S.A., Datsko B.M.

The series of works "Scientific bases of choice of steels for hydrogen sulfide environments and development of methods of their corrosion protection" is a completed scientific research, which is characterized by a high scientific level and has practical significance. The obtained scientifically substantiated results together provide the solution of the important problem of determining the factors of corrosion, hydrogenation, hydrogen sulfide corrosion cracking in hydrogen sulfide media and technology of protection of steels with combined coatings, for which the technological regulations are obtained. 

Based on the relationship between iron sulfides formed during corrosion and the rate of redox processes and hydrogenation of steels of different structures, the known scheme of the mechanism of influence of hydrogen sulfide on these processes is extended. It has been shown that sulfides affect the hydrogen overvoltage and the rate of recombination reaction of hydrogen atoms, which is a prerequisite for the absorption of hydrogen by metals.

Based on the electrochemical properties of steel 20 and zinc and aluminum coatings, a new electrochemical graphical-analytical method for determining the maximum size of damage in anode-type coatings, which is still covered by their tread protection, has been developed and scientifically substantiated. 

For the first time the influence of hydrogen sulfide media on the protective properties of epoxy, polyurethane and modified alkyd paints was recorded, as a result of which a conclusion was made about the feasibility of using epoxy coatings in such media. Combined electrometallization aluminum and epoxy coatings are proposed, which significantly increase the threshold stresses.

The obtained results correspond to the current level of world achievements in the field of corrosion and corrosion protection, which is confirmed by publications in leading scientific journals in Ukrai

Number of publications: Article 21 (9 - in English-language journals with an impact factor), 1 patent of Ukraine and 1 technological regulation. The total number of references to publications of authors / h-index of work, according to the databases is: Web of Science – 4 / 2, Scopus – 17 / 4, Google Scholar – 28 / 12.