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Information-measuring provision and hardware-software means for developing computerized systems of greenhouse microclimate monitoring

Work number - M 3 FILED

Presented State Higher Educational Institution 'Donetsk National Technical University'

Ivan S. LAKTIONOV – Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Automation and Telecommunications Department.

The thesis presents scientific and practical results on the development of the theory of constructing computerized monitoring systems of the physical environments integral state. This result has been obtained through the structural and algorithmic organization development and the information-measuring provision improvement of computerized monitoring systems of the greenhouses microclimate state. The weight of the this problem solving lies in the software and technical base development of the domestic greenhouse enterprises, which stimulates the positive dynamics of food security in Ukraine due to an increase in investment attractiveness and long-term sustainability of greenhouses.

In the theoretical aspect, new and well-known methodological foundations have been substantiated and improved: method of the state assessing of greenhouse microclimate based on the results of computerized monitoring of the physical parameters regulated list and fuzzy transforming; structural-algorithmic organization of the computerized system of greenhouse microclimate state monitoring; physical model of large-scale transition from laboratory to full-scale model of the computerized information-measuring system of monitoring of microclimate state; the method of measuring control of artificial lighting of greenhouse crops; the mathematical model of the measuring monitoring process of temperature and humidity of the greenhouse growing zone.

The practical significance of the work is the expansion and deepening of the implementation area and widely available serial sensor and infocommunication components of information and measuring technology for the complex computerized monitoring implementation of the greenhouses microclimate state, which ensures the software and hardware base development of domestic greenhouse enterprises. The main results of theoretical and experimental research are introduced to: Donetsk state agricultural research station of NAAS of Ukraine; Department of agro-industrial development and land management of Donetsk Regional State Administration; educational and research process of DonNTU.

Number of publications: 50, including 14 in Scopus and WoS journals and 2 monographs. The total number of references to the authors' publications / h-index of work, according to the databases is respectively: Web of Science – 9/2, Scopus – 60/5, Google Scholar – 96/5.