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Substantiation of geothermal energy method parameters for intensive reclamation of degraded areas

Work number - M 2 AWARDED

Presented SHEI "Donetsk National Technical University".

PhD Bohomaz O.P.

The aim of the study is to substantiate the main parameters of the method  of using geothermal energy to intensify the restoration of biological diversity of degraded  areas  on the based on the establishment of heat transfer patterns in the geothermal system.

A considerable series of theoretical, experimental and field researches was conducted It includes the following: analysis and generalization of existing studies on the restoration of biological diversity in technology-related degraded areas; calculation and analytical method in determining the main parameters of the proposed technology; theoretical research on heat transfer from the rock mass to the heat carrier in the borehole geothermal heat exchanger; laboratory studies of heat-conducting properties of clay-graphite mixture and water quality analysis; experimental studies on the growth of coastal aquatic vegetation biomass.

In the study, the way of the accelerated restoration of the degraded area of the liquidated mining sites with simultaneous clearing of pumped out mine waters at the expense of using the airlift equipment which allows regulating the water temperature in mine heat exchangers has been developed. Offered the way of restoring the biological diversity of barrow pits has been developed by creating a biological structure with geothermal wells in the developed space, where it is proposed to use higher aquatic plants for water purification.

The scientific significance of the work is to establish the regularities of heat transfer and changes in water temperature in the geothermal system depending on the depth of the well and the ratio of heat exchanger pipe diameters; to establish the effective content of graphite powder in the heat-conducting mixture; the relationship between the composition of water and the dynamics of biomass growth in a certain temperature range, which allowed us to substantiate the parameters of the method of using geothermal energy for accelerated restoration of technogenic-degraded territories.

The results of the work provides recommendations that are accepted for experimental and industrial use in mine water treatment, as well as included in the project on restructuring SD “Mine “5/6” SE Myrnohradvughillia”.

Scientific work has the national importance, because the obtained scientific results are the basis for ensuring environmental safety at the stage of operation and liquidation of enterprises in the mining sector of Ukraine. The application of the proposed method of using geothermal energy at liquidated mining enterprises will allow returning to the country's Land Fund about 800 thousand hectares of land that is now man-made and degraded, and receiving more than 600 million m3/year of demineralized water.

There are no analogues of the work. The scientific results were established for the first time, which is confirmed by the obtained patents for the invention and utility model.

Number of publications: 28 scientific were published, of which: 1 paper in journals indexed by Scopus and/or Web of Science; 1 paper in foreign journal; 3 articles in Ukrainian professional journals; 1 article in other publications of Ukraine; 17 papers and abstracts in materials of foreign and national conferences; 5 patents. According to the direction of work 1 PhD these. h-index of papers prepared by the results of the submitted workis 1 according to Scopus, 1 according to Web of Science, and 2 according to Google Scholar.