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Dynamic interaction of solid and elastic bodies with fluid

Work number - P 5 AWARDED

Presented the S. P. Timoshenko Institute of Mechanics of the NAS of Ukraine

D.Phys.-Math.Sc. Bahno O.M., D.Phys.-Math.Sc. Borysyuk A.O., D.Phys.-Math.Sc. Zhuk O.P., D.Tech.Sc. Semenenko E.V., D.Phys.-Math.Sc. Trotcenko Yu.V., D.Phys.-Math.Sc. Yanchevskyi I.V.

Fundamentals have been developed and fundamental investigations of a wide range of scientific and technical problems have been carried out relating to the modern aspects of dynamic interaction of solid and elastic bodies with fluids. The new fundamental results have been obtained which are of a primary importance and unique in scientific literature.

A theory of quasi-lamb wave propagation along the surface separating elastic body having initial (residual) stresses and viscous compressible fluid has been developed, and an analysis of the corresponding dynamic processes has been performed. A theory of noise generation by a limited region of turbulence in a channel of arbitrary cross-section has been developed. A method to diagnose hemodynamic significance of pathological tortuosity of coronary arteries has been devised. The dynamics of non-linear motions of solid particles in a viscous compressible fluid under the action of acoustic waves has been investigated which takes account of particles’ interaction, and a number of the corresponding typical cases has been considered. Models of water-head unsteady flows of the two-phase medium and methods for prediction of parameters of the processes in a viscous compressible heterogeneous medium have been devised. Analytical solutions to hydro-elasticity problems have been suggested which describe vibrations of both arbitrary thin-walled shells of revolution filled partially with an ideal fluid and elastic constructions with suspension reservoirs. A theory of the transition processes of electro-elastic constructive elements deformation has been developed which takes account of their interaction with an acoustic medium and sets of electric elements.

The real economic effect of application of the appropriate results of this study in the hydro-transport part of Vil’nogirs’k industrial complex was 1.17 millions of hrn.

The results of this study have been used in making appropriate research in 6 Ukrainian companies and enterprises, as well as transferred for the use to a number universities of England, Germany, Italy and Canada, as well as to the Laboratory of Biofluidmechanics of Charite/ clinics (Berlin, Germany). Also, they are used in the teaching processes of a number of Ukrainian and foreign universities, and are applied to appropriate patients in cardiologic practice.

Number of publications: 5 monographs, 390 articles (of them 72 have been published in English-language journals). The total number of citations of the publications / h-index of the study, according to the databases respectively are: Web of Science – 274/12, Scopus – 308/12, Google Scholar – 274/12. Also, 3 Ukrainian patents for the invention and 1 Ukrainian certificate of registration of the author’s right have been obtained.