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Textile materials and products for special and military purposes

Work number - P 4 AWARDED

Presented Kherson National Technical University

Doctor of Technical Science Saribyekova Yu.G., Doctor of Technical Science Chepelyuk O.V., Doctor of Technical Science Semeshko O.Ya., Doctor of Technical Science Ostapenko N.V., Doctor of Fine Arts Kolosnichenko O.V., Doctor of Technical Science Vankevych P.I., Candidate of Military Science Chernenko A.D., Prokhorovskyi A.S.

Number of publications: 1 encyclopedia of garment production, 24 monographs (16 was published abroad), 9 textbooks, 381 articles (38 in English-language journals with an impact factor). The total number of links to publications of authors / h-index of the work according to the databases is, respectively: Scopus – 87/5, Google Scholar – 307/10. Six doctoral and twelve PhD thesis have been defended on the topic of the work.