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Synthesis of innovative technologies of data processing and analysis to ensure sustainable development of society

Work number - M 70 AWARDED

Presented Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University

Cand. of Tec. Sc. Davydenko Y. O.

The purpose of the work is to carry out applied research on the synthesis of methods and mathematical models of scenario analysis to ensure sustainable development of society.

The author of the work for the first time proposed a method of identification of anomalous observations on the basis of complex use of robust statistics methods, which allowed to reduce the search time of anomalous observations (errors) on 10–12%;

Improved: the method of synthesis of analysis of measurement data of environmental environmental monitoring, through the use of mathematical apparatus of nonparametric statistics, which allowed to formalize the procedure for determining the levels of truncation of the original set of analyzed data, forming areas of junior and senior ordinal statistics containing anomalous values; methods of IT synthesis of the choice of the category of technical condition of military-civil objects, and their ranking within a certain category of technical condition according to the degree of their danger.

Received further development: applied bases of synthesis of the decision of a problem of a choice of the vehicle at the organizations of multimodal transportations, estimation and management of steady development of a society; models and methods of synthesis of individual and group decisions in the conditions of uncertainty, multicriteria and risk.

Number of publications: chapters in the monograph (4 published abroad), 22 articles (4 – in English-language journals with impact factor). The total number of links to authors' publications/h-index of work, according to the databases is respectively: Web of Science – 19/3, Scopus – 81/7, Google Shcolar – 130/7. Received 1 patent of Ukraine for utility model and 1 copyright certificate.