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Non-resonant wave front reversal of spin waves

Work number - M 50 FILED

Moiseienko V.A.

The research is devoted to the study of linear and nonlinear processes of spin waves (SW) interactions in yttrium-iron garnet (YIG) films. A phenomenon of the non-resonant wave front reversal (WFR) of SW is studied experimentally for the first time and the possibility of its application for the correlation data processing in YIG films is analyzed. The features of the development and practical application of advanced correlation microwave devices involving the non-resonant WFR of SW in YIG films are considered.

A non-resonant WFR of SW (signal frequency differs from the half of pumping frequency) in YIG films induced by a parallel parametric pumping is proposed and experimentally studied. A possibility of spectral analysis of input signals and its microwave filtering using non-resonant WFR of backward volume magnetostatic waves (BVMSW) in YIG films is shown. A possibility of separation of two microwave signals simultaneously acting on the detector using non-resonant WFR of BVMSW is proven experimentally.

A parametric frequency conversion of surface magnetostatic waves (SMSW) signal frequency to an intermediate signal frequency controlled by a magnetic field as a result of the WFR in a non-reciprocal media is discovered.

Several designs of microwave correlators based on the WFR phenomenon are proposed and their microwave properties are investigated. Microwave correlation receiver based on the parametric interaction of SW with a parallel parametric pumping is experimentally investigated. An application of the WFR of SW for the creation of time-reversal signal pulses is proposed. Microwave properties of the correlator in the presence of noise are studied using the non-resonant WFR of SW.