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Complex using of resource potential of coal mining enterprises of Western Donbas

Work number - M 22 AWARDED

Presented Dnipro University of Technology

Malashkevych Dmytro
Kozii Yevhen
Makurin Andrii
Koshelenko Ievgenii

The authors have developed and substantiated progressive technology of selective mining, which will effectively allow to mine coal seams with a coal height of 0.63-0.8 m, which additionally will allow extract to 420 million tons of balance coal reserves and increase the projected period of mines in the region from 15 to 60 years.

The regularities of distribution of toxic and potentially toxic elements between the organic and mineral component, as well as between the main fractions of the mineral part of the coal seams of the Western Donbass are established and the "affinity ranges" of these elements are determined. This will allow to develop technologies for enrichment and selective extraction of coal, taking into account the content of these elements for reducing their impact on the surface ecosystem.

The efficiency of the proposed new technological solutions was evaluated by the obtained technical and economic indicators of the system "coal mine - coal preparation plant - thermal power plant - production waste". The expected economic effect from the application of the recommended rational volumes of using progressive technology of complete extraction of thin and very thin coal seams will be 143.8 million UAH per year or 47.9 UAH per ton. Extraction of the most prospective elements, specifically titanium, lithium and vanadium will allow to obtain an economic effect of 18.5 million UAH per year (reserves of these elements in the accumulated waste are estimated at 22 400 million UAH). Applying technology of low-potential energy utilization of mine waters, taking into account their actual quantity in 10 coal mines of Western Donbas, 1.29 million Gcal per year can be obtained. The amount of expected economy from the utilization of thermal energy of mine waters, taking into account the additional costs for operation of electric receivers of heat pumping units, is 2021.44 million UAH per year. Additional economy due to the reduction of the cost of CO2 emissions by transition to cleaner heat generation technologies will amount to UAH 3.37 million UAH in a year. The total economic effect of the proposed new technological solutions is estimated at
2.1 billion UAH in a year.