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Creation means for control and diagnosis compression stator core state of powerful turbogenerators

Work number - M 18 AWARDED

Presented Institute of electrodynamics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

D.S. Zaitsev Ie. O.

The aim of the scientific work is to create new and improve existing means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of the stator core of powerful turbogenerators during their manufacture and operation, which ensure reliable and trouble-free operation of generating equipment of nuclear and thermal power plants integrated power system of Ukraine.

The results of theoretical and experimental studies presented in the work together are devoted to solving the scientific and applied problem of developing the principles of construction and implementation in practice of means of monitoring and diagnosing the compression state of powerful turbogenerators stator core.

New tools developed for use to control the deviation from the flatness of the end surface of the stator core of the turbogenerator during its manufacture and for automatic systems compression pressure stabilization of the stator core during operation. For capacitive sensors of force meters in the clamping prisms of the core of powerful turbogenerators, a method of error correction due to the skew of the electrodes of the capacitive sensor proposed, which allowed increasing the accuracy of monitoring the compression of the stator core by several orders of magnitude in real time. The structure of means of control of pressure of compression of a stator core in which phase and frequency-phase measurement methods of maintaining the required metrological characteristics was proposed and developed.

The results of scientific work implemented at SE Plant "Electrotyazhmash" (Kharkov, Ukraine) in the control systems of the compression force of the stator core of turbogenerators type TGV-200 and TGV-300 during their assembly and operation. 

The proposed means of monitoring and diagnosing the state of compression of the stator core of powerful turbogenerators designed to ensure safe and reliable operation of powerful turbogenerators of power plants that are part of the Integrated Power System of Ukraine in modern con

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