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Improvements in the Processes of Cleaning and Transporting Grain Materials

Work number - M 8 AWARDED

Presented National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

Ph.D Trokhaniak O.M., Ph.D Trokhaniak I.V.

The work is concerned with solving a recent scientific-applied problem - the improvement of the effectiveness of the processes of cleaning and transporting grain materials by means of upgrading a pneumo-centrifugal part of a pneumo-vibro-centrifugal grain separating unit as well as developing the design and choosing the optimal parameters of a pneumo-screw conveyer. In addition, the work covers the improvement of screw conveyer efficiency under extreme operation conditions by means of developing and substantiating the rational parameters of a screw tool safety clutch. Scientific approaches to designing new safety clutches of screw conveyers, designing a preumo-screw conveyer, improving a pneumo-centrifugal part of a pneumo-vibro-centrifugal separator and choosing their optimal parameters have been substantiated. The methodology has been developed and the experimental studies have been conducted in order to test the new designs of a safety clutch used for over-load protection of a screw conveyer and a pneumo-screw conveyer. The scientific novelty of the results is the analytical dependences applied for determining the interrelation between the design parameters and the power-kinematic characteristics of a safety clutch of a screw conveyer and a pneumo-screw conveyer. In addition, the technological process of grain material movement in the technological path of a pneumo-screw conveyer has been substantiated. The developed safety clutch of a screw conveyer makes it possible to provide axial displacement of the overloaded screw in the direction opposite to the direction of material transportation at the automatic recovery of a conveyer operating condition. Test benches for investigating the process of transporting grain materials by a pneumo-screw conveyer have been designed and made. The procedure of determining design and technological parameters of a pneumo-mechanical conveyer depending on its efficiency has been developed. The optimal design parameters of the interchangeable nozzle of a pneumatic conveyer have been determined. Based on analytical and multi-method experimental investigations of the technical means, rational design and mode parameters of grain separators have been determined, the parameters of tools for cleaning grain materials have been found. The novelty of the developments is protected by eight declaration utility model patents of Ukraine. The obtained results of the conducted theoretical and experimental investigations presented in the work make it possible to eliminate the existing drawbacks in the designs of grain separators, decrease the level of grain material damaging as well as decrease energy costs and increase functional capabilities concerning the process of material transportation.

According to the results, field tests of a screw conveyer equipped with a safety clutch have been conducted at TzOV “Universt” LTD (Ternopil) and its performance efficiency has been proved. Certain results have been implemented into the educational process of preparing specialists majoring in 208 “Agri-engineering” of education and qualification level “Bachelor” at National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. The obtained scientific propositions, recommendation, calculation procedures and methodologies of designing safety clutches of screw conveyers and pneumo-screw conveyers are recommended to be used in design and construction institutions and at enterprises of various machine-building branches.

Number of publications: 80, including 1 monography, 49 papers (21 – English-language impact factor journals). The total number of citations of the authors’ publications / h-index, according to databases is equal to: Web of Science – 103 / 7, Scopus– 115 / 8, Google Shcolar – 507 / 13, respectively. 8 patents of Ukraine have been granted.