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Ethnic groups of Galicia in the interwar period: interethnic cohabitation and socio-cultural transformations


The monograph explored socio-cultural transformations and interethnic relations in Galicia in the interwar period. The numbers and features of the resettlement of ethnic groups were established; their socio-economic position was characterized and its influence on socio-cultural transformations in Galicia. An analysis of the phenomenon “ethnicity” and the phenomenon of “closed nature” of ethnic communities was carried out, their cultural significance was clarified; cultural-educational life and public area of ethnic groups was studied; the features of reflection were investigated in the collective and individual consciousness of the image of one ethnic group and each of its members in the minds of ethnofores of another ethnic groups, the factors of its formation were determined; on the example of interethnic marriages the nature of the attitude and perception of one ethnic community by another was determined.