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Non-invasive evaluation of elastic-elastic properties of arteries and left ventricle

Work number - M 47 AWARDED

Presented National Science Center" Institute of Cardiology named after Academician MD Strazhesk "NAMS of Ukraine.

Torbas OO, Ph.D.

It was studied the possibilities of different methods of non-invasive evaluation of elastic properties of arteries in patients with arterial hypertension and healthy controls, the dynamics of arterial elasticity in a sample of more than one thousand persons during three years of follow-up, it was scientifically substantiated the choice of the optimal combinations of antihypertensive therapy in terms of their effect on central blood pressure and elastic properties of the arteries.

It was determined the diagnostic and prognostic role of central blood pressure and its relationship with the degree of target organ damage and the role in the formation of left ventricular elasticity disorders, it was proposed the algorithm for the diagnosis of left ventricular diastolic dysfunction and the probability of increased filling pressure.

It was clinically tested and recommended for the application of the new generation of the device of the Ukrainian production for non-invasive assessment of elastic properties of the arteries and central blood pressure measurement, which is based on wireless data transmission. New methods of pulse wave contour and pulse wave velocity analysis have been verified by evaluating the data obtained by oscillometric measurement of blood pressure.

It was proposed the method of non-invasive determination of left ventricular stiffness in patients with essential arterial hypertension, it were demonstrated the factors related to the left ventricle elasticity and the relationship of the elasticity impairment with large circulatory arteries. It were identified ways to improve elastic properties of the left ventricle.

Number of publications: 57, в т.ч. 22 статті (3 – у англомовних журналах з імпакт-фактором), 35 тез доповідей. Загальна кількість посилань на публікації авторів/h-індекс роботи згідно баз даних складає відповідно: Scopus – 5/2, Google Scholar – 96/5. Отримано 2 патенти України на винахід 4 патентів на корисну модель.