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“Bacterial and yeast metabolites and their functional activity”

Work number - M 26 AWARDED

Presented D.K. Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology of the NASU.

Kharkhota M. A., Kharchuk M. S., Vasyliuk O.N., Lahutina O. S.

The study aimed to analyze the nature and biological activity of metabolites produced by Bacillus and Lactobacillus bacteria as well as by Saccharomyces yeast.

It was established that Bacillus bacteria are capable of synthesizing yellow and orange carotenoid pigments, the major component of which appeared to be apo-8'-β-caroten-3-ol. The research indicated that carotene producing В. amyloliquefaciens IMV B-7513 and В. amyloliquefaciens IMV B- 7525 strains possess probiotic capacities. B. licheniformis M20g strain proved to produce high levels of extracellular polymeric substances (including γ-polyglutamic acid). A number of B. subtilis strains exhibited the ability to synthesize catechol-type siderophores, namely dihydroxybenzoyl-glycine-threonine mono-, di-, and trimers. B. subtilis strain of interest had antagonistic activity and was safe for homoeothermic animals.

The authors performed the isolation and identification of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) strains from Ukrainian fermented products. It has been shown that exopolysaccharides of LAB in non-toxic concentrations possess anti-HSV-1 activity, which is put into action by affecting various stages of virus reproduction. The main role in the manifestation of LAB antimicrobial activity against pathogenic and phytopathogenic microorganisms is played by lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and antimicrobial substances of protein nature.

The authors found for the first time that different provision of phosphorus to yeast cells leads to a change in the ratio of morphological types of vacuolar volutin. It has been estimated that volutin granules contain two fractions of inorganic polyphosphates with a chain length of about 55 and 126 phosphate residues, lipids with saturated fatty acids, and proteins with a molecular weight of 50-100 kDa. For the first time, it is reported, that the “dancing bodies” phenomenon has a rhythmic pattern and biological nature. The metachromasy reaction and mobility of volutin granules can be used for bioindication of unfavorable yeast existence conditions.

The obtained results can serve as the basis for the creation of biological products based on the studied strains and/or their metabolites.

Number of publications: 53, including 34 reports on the subject of work (4 of them published in foreign issues with IF), 12 scientific conference abstracts. The total number of links to the authors' publications / h-index of the work according to the databases is Scopus - 14/4; Google Scholar - 59/8 respectively. 7 patents of Ukraine for utility model have been received