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Formation of strategies of sustainable development of farm enterprises

Work number - M 8 FILED

Presented National Science Center "Institute of Agriculture Economics"

Nechitaylo Veronika Vladimirovna

The purpose of the work is to develop new, improve and further develop scientific provisions and practical proposals for the formation of strategies for sustainable development of farms.

For the first time, the author extended the interdisciplinary concept of "sustainability" to the activities of farms, which form a basic and socially oriented economic role in agriculture. The special concept of "sustainable development of the farm" is proposed - a wavy process in which simple and extended reproduction of competitive production of their commodity products, resources, capital and economic relations is ensured on the basis of active operational, investment and other activities, as well as achievement of conditions of efficiency. Farmers can only achieve sustainable development by having the right strategy.

It is proposed to consider the strategy of sustainable development of farms as a system of strategic goals and measures, the achievement of which allows him to ensure in the long term the process of reproduction of production, capital, as well as economic relations with land owners, logistical, financial, investment and other resources and labor, to ensure product competitiveness, an acceptable level of production profitability and to meet the personal needs of farmers and their families.

To develop and implement such a strategy, a model of the economic process management strategy, methodological approaches to assessing the level of sustainability, the introduction of a new technological structure and approaches to the choice of strategic goals and directions of agricultural development are proposed.

Sustainable proposals for the formulation of a sustainable development strategy have been implemented in farms.

The concept of "sustainable development" in the world practice is considered in the context defined by the UN Commission on Environment and Development. However, there are no examples of extension of the concept of “sustainable development” to the activities of farms in the world, and therefore analogues, which indicates the priority of the author's development.

The magnitude of the final effect of the introduction of the author's design is characterized by the additional income of the farm, which is proposed to be determined in the range between the income of the actual and the high achieved due to the constant level of competitiveness of the farmer's products. The conclusions about the expediency of using the author's proposals were confirmed by the corresponding results of the «Svitoch» family farm in the Cherkasy region.

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