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Structural and optical properties of single crystals and thin films of metal halogenide and chalcogenide

Work number - M 7 AWARDED

Presented Lviv Polytechnic National University

Ph.D. Kashuba А.І., Ph.D. Semkiv I.V.

The series of works is devoted to the study of the influence of physical and technological conditions of single crystals and thin films obtaining of groups АIIIВVII and АIIВVI on their physical characteristics. The features of the influence of the crystalline structure of solid solutions АIIIВVII and АIIВVI on their energy, mechanical and optical properties are covered in the works.

The transformation of electronic energy bands of compounds in the transition from single crystal to thin film is investigated. The technological regimes of obtaining high-quality single crystals of solid solutions of group АIIIВVII and АIIВVI are optimized, as well as the parameters of structure and symmetry depending on the component composition are investigated.

The optimal conditions for obtaining films of АIIВVI group with controlled properties, suitable for device development based on them, are determined. Quality crystals and films were obtained, which was confirmed by X-ray diffraction analysis.

Within the density functional theory, band structures, phonon spectra, and optical constants of crystals of binary compounds and solid solutions of АIIIВVII and АIIВVI groups are theoretically calculated. The relationship between the anisotropy of the crystalline structure of solid solutions of АIIIВVII in optical absorption and birefringence was studied. Elastic constants, velocity of sound, linear thermal expansion are investigated. Features of spectra of optical absorption, transmission and temperature dependence (from helium temperatures to the room temperature) of photoluminescence.

The possibility of practical application of the detected optical anisotropy in the claimed АIIIВVII compounds as materials for optoelectronic technology is considered.

Number of publications: 44, including 1 monograph (1 – published abroad), 18 articles (13 - in English-language journals with impact factor). The total number of references to authors' publications / h-index of work, according to the databases: Web of Science - 23/3, Scopus - 48/5, Google Shcolar - 59/5. Received 1 patent of Ukraine.