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Work number - M 1 AWARDED

Presented Nominated by Lviv Polytechnic National University

Doctor of Economics Bochko Olena

Timeliness of the scientific research is argued by the fact that in the conditions of formation of current competitiveness of market economy in Ukraine, particular attention should be paid to the principles of deconstruction for performance of the markets of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). A dairy market, in which producers dominate, is typical in that context. The endeavor to reach a perfect competition at that market, as the most suitable model to transform it into a market of buyers, is connected with considerable, sometimes radical changes of both supply and subject structure, as well as in the field of market infrastructure. Some transformations need efforts and time and thus, it is important to manage the process of establishment of a new, appropriate structure of the market of dairy products and make it optimal in terms of costs and duration.

Scientific novelty of the obtained results of the research is revealed in development of theoretical and methodological fundamentals concerning deconstruction of the regional markets of dairy products on the basis of the concept of marketing, development of the algorithm of deconstruction of the regional markets of dairy products, which is founded on two interdependent platforms, i.e. conceptual, represented by the main stages of deconstruction of a regional market of dairy products, models, laws and functions of its development, and organizational-economic one, which is manifested by the interaction of the subjects of a regional market of dairy products. Demand and supply are viewed as the object of the market with consideration of the tendencies of development and specific peculiarities of the regional market, as well as market-forming factors. It secures improvement of the theoretical-organizational fundamentals of the concept development and implementation of the mechanism of deconstruction of the regional dairy markets.   

Results of the work are included in the Doctor of Science dissertation of Bochko O., as well as used in the educational process of National University of Water and Environmental Engineering,; Mukachevo State University; SHEE “Uzhhorod National University”.

The obtained results of the research on deconstruction of the regional market of dairy products on the fundamentals of marketing are of great importance and are used by the Ministry of Agrarian Science and Food of Ukraine in the process of improvement of the norms of the project law №5448 “On the main principles and requirements to organic production, circulation and labeling of organic products”; Federation of Organic Movement of Ukraine; agricultural and farming enterprises of Mukachevo district; Limited Liability Company “Monolit-resurs”; farming enterprise “Dobra korivka”; Limited Liability Company “Tsefei-Group”; Lviv Regional State Administration and Ternopil Regional State Administration. 

Number of publications: there are 68 published works, particularly 6 monographs, including 1 of sole authorship, 33 articles in the scientific professional publications of Ukraine. Among them 14 works are published in the publications of Ukraine, enlisted in the International Scientometric Database, including 1 – SCOPUS indexed. The total number of references to the author’s publications in Google Scholar accounts for 83/59 and h-index – 5/3.