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Thermobaric and geodynamic conditions and prospects for oil and gas sedimentary basins of Ukraine

Work number - P 39 FILED

Presented for the State Ukraine premium in science and technology 2015.


This paper resolved important scientific and technical problem - developed the concept of integrated geological and geophysical approach for the selection prospective oil and gas objects.

There are developed the scientific principles and methodology for assessing geodynamic parameters of oil and gas objects in Ukraine sedimentary basins.

Developed and implemented method of selection the gas-saturated reservoir rocks that are in thin layered clay Neogene strata.

On the global level evidenced by the results of communication the intensity of folding with the coefficients of anomalies and abnormally high reservoir pressures (AHRP).


The economic effect of implementation - increase gas reserves by category C1+C2of Neogene sediments in the Outer zone at 15827 billion m3and gas resources by category C34,7 billion m3.

Scientific results shows in 6 books, over 455 articles. Novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions defended in 24 patents and copyright certificates. On the subject defended 4 doctoral and 33 candidate dissertations.